Consistency, recognition & appeal.

The three problems Brewhouse faced in previous years of running the swedish nationwide innovation contest, The Brewhouse Award.

Me and my collegues at Bacill were blessed with the opportunity to help them realize a new strategy and visual system.

The concept we arrived at was “En explosion av innovation”. A reference to the idea that the Brewhouse logo (which is a bottlecap) is opened and releasing creativity, fresh ideas and solutions for the future.

-> Branding
-> Visual identity
-> Event visuals

Social media was Brewhouse primary channel for marketing the contest, so I made templates and guides for the content following the new brand guidelines.

Each of the three categories in the contest got its own looping animated pattern and slogan to set them apart and create a visual language.

The event visuals for the 10x5m LED screen was a fun and challenging experience including lots of project management and communication.

The end result was visually engaging, timed with speakers and the cherry on top for the manifestation of the new TBA brand.

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